Local SEO to Get More Customers On the Move

Local SEO can help you attract new clients in an age when mobile Internet access is common. You can place your local business in front of your community by using a search marketing company that provides local SEO. Read more now on houston local seo.

Local SEO and Long Tail

What is long tail SEO? This is a term used by SEO professionals to describe highly targeted keywords. While they are not as popular as general keywords, many people use them and can be excellent prospects for you. Imagine an example.

Consider a North York dental office that is trying to get new clients. A dentist in North York could advertise using the term “Toronto-based dentist”. How does she compare to the other hundreds or thousands of dentists practicing in Greater Toronto Area? Not well. The dentist would have benefited from a highly targeted audience if she had chosen a phrase such as “North York family dental” and increased the chances that her site visitors will become patients.

Long-tail search terms are an integral part of the local SEO service. SEO consultants will analyze your business, determine keywords that are needed to target specific customer groups and add the correct geographic indicators.

Local Listings and Directories

The majority of cities and towns offer one or several local business directories. In a major metropolitan area you may find several online directories. Toronto is a good example. If you have a business that spans across the GTA area, then it may be worth localizing SEO for places like Scarborough and North York. Etobicoke is also a good option.

Your SEO consultant is able to devise an online campaign with multiple geographical locations. With the help of location-based keyword and local maps and directories, your company can be ranked well in multiple geographic locations.

Mobile SEO for Local Users

People search for local business on their smartphones or PDAs more often now that they have access to powerful Web browsing software. Consider a traveler on the way to dinner to visit a friend, who would like to purchase flowers. He’d use his handheld for searching florists nearby his location, or where he intended to go.

When you’re a florist, it is important to get ranked high for these people. SEO experts have the skills to develop a local SEO plan for mobile users.