What a Day is Like for a Firefighter

If you imagine the work of a firefighters, it is easy to assume they spend their free time snoozing or playing cards with friends, cracking jokes, etc. It was not uncommon for firefighters to spend their workdays in this way, although things have changed a great deal since that time. In the modern day, firefighters use their free time to brush up on various skills and take on challenges. The typical firefighter works for 48 consecutive hours followed by an extended period off. A typical firefighter’s 24-hour shift is shown below. If you want to maximize your earning potential and explore new opportunities as a firefighter, then you need to check out the fire academy


In most cases, the firefighter arrives at their firehouse between 8:00 and 8:00 am to participate in roll call. The assignments and duties are usually given during roll call or just after. In the event that there are no phone calls during the workday, the schedule is distributed.

In the morning, the firefighters inspect the fire engines to ensure they are in good condition for emergency situations, do some housework in the firehouse and perform physical exercises to stay fit. Due to changing demands and schedules, the firefighter may spend his day differently.


After midday, the majority of firefighters go to lunch. Lunch usually ends around 1 to 2pm, and firefighters then begin their other duties.

For instance, the biggest training sessions are held during afternoons. They will also be involved in inspecting equipment, maintaining vehicles and equipment, training new firefighters, and improving the existing firefighting skills.


In the evening and in the last hours before bedtime, firefighters will still be working on unfinished work, finishing up reports and completing any tasks that are left. This is when the evening meal will be prepared. The late afternoon to the start of nightfall are also unplanned times. The firefighter may be studying for an upcoming test or exam, finishing up reports, working on special projects, etc.

The Late Night

They sleep in the evenings if there are no emergencies and the work of the day is done.