This is why we need to understand artificial intelligence and how it will impact our lives.

Artificial intelligence (AI), also known as machine learning, is the capability of computers to analyze data and act intelligently. In other words, they are capable of making decisions and completing tasks on the basis the available data. See Technology news to get more info.

Most likely, you’ve heard or read much about AI recently – especially on how AI is going to change the future of civilization. AI has certainly been the subject of a lot hype and, let’s call them, some pretty colorful predictions. AI, in contrast to some other trends is not hype. This technology will have a profound impact on our daily lives.

Not quite convinced? Here are my five main reasons for believing that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a major force in the future.

1. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere

Amazon has recommended products to buy, you have bought them, or searched for potential dating matches on an app. Yes, most likely you have. Most of us probably did all these things in the previous week. Maybe in the previous 24 hours.

AI is the backbone of every single one of these day-to-day processes. AI lets your credit company determine, within seconds, whether or not your transaction was fraudulent. Mastercard is one example of a company that uses AI to analyse the 75 Billion transactions processed each year through its network. AI is already a big part of everyday life.

2. AI will not only affect our lives but also transform whole industries

AI has already had a major impact across many sectors. AI has been used by healthcare professionals to better diagnose and predict diseases.

AI systems have the potential to even surpass human experts for detecting diseases. In clinical trials, AI software from Google Health was found in January 2019 to perform better in detecting cancer in mammograms. The system detected fewer “false negative” results as compared to experts.

3. Artificial Intelligence will improve our human qualities, not decrease them

The automation of most industries is growing as machines are getting smarter. As automation increases, valid fears about how it will affect human jobs are raised. It’s true that the rise of automation may lead to many job losses, but I do believe new jobs will be created that take advantage of our inherent human qualities like creativity, empathy, and intuition.

AI will make working life better. AI has revolutionized the world of journalism. AI helps journalists to identify and tell stories. Forbes is using an AI-driven Content Management System called Bertie. It identifies real-time topical trends, suggests headline improvements and identifies relevant images. By doing this, journalists are freed up to tell stories instead of spending time on tedious tasks.

4. AI becoming affordable for everyone

It used to require expensive hardware and a team of highly-skilled data scientists to do AI work. The old way of doing things is gone. AI solutions are available now as services, and the range is growing.

Amazon released “Personalize,” a service based on AI, to help businesses offer tailored search and customer recommendation results. Amazon is claiming that AI experts are not needed for this service.

5. AI fuels many other technologies

Last but not least, if there was any doubt that AI would change the face of the planet, consider this: AI serves as the foundation for many technology trends.