Lunch Catering Services

The lunch Business Catering Berlin industry is a growing business that caters to the people’s desire for a sumptuous meal in the middle the day. This can be a stress-free option for people on a long meeting who don’t want to eat out. This is especially true when special events are celebrated and a gathering takes place at lunchtime, which is the only available time for people who work.

Types Of Catering Service

Catering services can be classified into two main categories. On-premise catering is the first type. The food is prepared, cooked and served at the same location where it will be consumed. Off-premise is another type. The caterer prepares and cooks the food in another location and serves it to customers according to their preferences.

Special event catering, corporate catering, industrial catering and mobile catering are the other types of catering services. Catering services for special events include food served at large parties. Business catering focuses on providing food at business conferences and meetings. Mobile catering is a contract-free service where caterers sell their food as they move around. Industrial catering, on the other, provides meals to schools, hospitals and other institutions.

Caterers: What they should consider

Catering companies are always prepared for everything, from the preparation of the food to the service and the time when the guests will be eating. Also, they are responsible for the setup of tables and the necessary equipment. Catering businesses pay close attention to the food menu, which is the main consideration.

Catering companies also take into account the serving style. Style depends on what the customer wants and where the food will be served. Catering for lunch and other events can be done in either a sit-down style or buffet. When the space is not large enough to accommodate the number of people, the sit-down style may be considered. Some people prefer the sit-down style of catering because food is presented in front and others find it classy. The cost of catering may be higher because servers will attend the guests.

Buffet style is used when there is ample space or people can stand in a line. The guests will choose their own menu from the variety on the buffet table, and decide how much they want to eat. Catering using the Buffet style costs less than a sit-down meal.