Six Things You Must Have for Your New Puppy

Indoor kennels have many benefits for your dog. It is portable and can be easily folded up. It can also be used to transport the dog with you while you are visiting family and friends. The pup can call his indoor kennel home. If your pup is extremely anxious after arriving, you may place the indoor kennel upstairs. He can then sleep with you. Then, in the morning, you can move it downstairs. It will be easy for him to fall asleep alone if you move the indoor kennel each night to the same location. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on Best Ohio Golden retriever Puppies for sale

Collars and Lead

These are two important pieces. But your puppy will quickly grow out of a collar. It is best to choose a simple nylon or soft leather collar. A lead approximately one meter in length is best for your puppy’s convenience. You could easily injure your puppy’s neck by using a check chain or choke.


There are many dog toys available, but it is important that your pup chooses his favorite. Dog toys such as shoes and slippers are not allowed to be reached by your puppy. If you see your dog chewing something other than his, you can exchange it with another toy. Do not be too picky or become frustrated. He might mimic you when your not there.

Food Dishes

You have many options for food and water choices that you can offer your puppy. Start your puppy with a bowl of soup or an old plate. This will last until he gets bigger. After that, you might consider getting him some stainless-steel food for his adult dog. Although there are many options available for puppy food to choose from, your dog will eventually outgrow them.

Dog Blanket

A blanket can be used to keep your dog warm if he gets soaked. A blanket from home is enough to keep him cozy and warm. If you are looking for ways to help your dog settle into his new home, you can bring your blanket to him when you pick him up from his breeders. To help your dog sleep at night, wrap him in his blanket.

Dog Chews

Dogs love chewing. There are many different types of chews, but it is better to start him off with a few so he can find the one he enjoys.