Metal Recycling Fuels the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain

New catalyst recycling companies recycle around 81.4 million tonnes of steel, copper and aluminum each year. Metal recycling is a process that transforms otherwise discarded metals into valuable raw materials. These are used in the production supply chain and support global trade.

Metal recyclers work in an $65 billion business, processing ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper, brass and bronze. Other metals found include zinc, lead, aluminium, and other metals found in beverage bottles, building materials, electronic waste, as well as precious metals.

Metal recycling industry is high tech industry which employs thousands of staff to turn waste metal into economic goods.

Metals Recycled Again and Again – Metals have the ability to be recycled indefinitely, producing useful raw material. Although all metals can recycled, the most common are aluminum and stainless steel. Most recycled steel and aluminum products include:


Soda cans


Car parts




Tin Cans

Car parts

Bridge parts


Demolished building

Waste metals can be used in the production of new parts for cars and buildings, thereby helping to sustain our natural resources and help support our economy.

The Benefits of Recycling Metal — It’s better to reduce the use of natural resources by recycling metal products than continue to exhaust them. Metal recycling can have many important benefits.

The energy needed to recycle and melt waste metals is less than that required to make new metal.

The use of recycled metals is a way to reduce the CO2 emission and pollution.

Pollution of land and waters is lessened.

Reduction of environmental pollution caused by mining.

Metals are reusable.

Scrap metal is worth money to recyclers.

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